SDN-enabled management and control software for simplified service delivery.


Easy operations

Automated resource provisioning, configuration, and operation of compute, storage, and networking resources minimizes manual intervention while improving operational efficiency and cutting operational costs.

On-demand customization

Dynamic service chaining creates policy-driven, software-controlled, on-demand service chain customization based on your business policies.

Scalable and stable

The software architecture expands elastically and handles failures gracefully, providing anytime cloud availability for operating, activating, and managing your application workloads.

Detailed Analytics

A high-speed data collection engine produces comprehensive and prescriptive analytics. You get detailed infrastructure telemetry information through large-scale ingestion and querying of structured and unstructured data. You can also get real-time and historical data availability using simple REST APIs.

Contrail offers intelligent networking, increased security, and advanced analytics—all with automation—for multicloud and telco cloud.

Contrail Enterprise Multicloud

Our multicloud-ready solution is built with intent-based methodology for high-performance connectivity, application security, and unified operations for your enterprise.

Multicloud Enabler

Combines Red Hat OpenShift with Contrail Enterprise Multicloud to deliver advanced networking, increased security, and new levels of management simplicity when deploying and operating applications in multicloud.

Contrail Cloud

Advanced telco cloud platform engineered to help service providers design, implement, and operate more agile and automated network infrastructures.

Contrail Edge Cloud

Works at the network edge to abstract and virtualize compute, storage, and networking resources with efficiency and economy, speeding creation of new low-latency services.

Contrail Family product applications support secure multicloud, service orchestration, open SDN, and more.

Contrail Networking

This open SDN solution for cloud and NFV environments improves business flexibility and enhances security, availability, performance, automation, and elasticity.

Contrail Insights

Enables monitoring and troubleshooting while optimizing the performance of your network infrastructure, all based on predefined business outcomes.


A highly automated network analytics solution, HealthBot provides consistent and coherent operational intelligence across network deployments.

Contrail Service Orchestration

Orchestrates the entire service life cycle, from creation to delivery, in a modular and open framework.

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