XTM Series for Metro Data Center Networks

Data centers are the technology epicenter of today’s businesses, and the connectivity inside and between data centers is pivotal to business agility, especially as businesses move toward cloud models for application delivery. Whether it’s moving an application, a set of users or a workload between sites or implementing a disaster recovery plan, high-capacity flexible connectivity is crucial to businesses that run multiple data centers.

In many metro data centers, space and power are tightly constrained and expensive, so data center operators need network solutions that are optimized for low power consumption and high density. The Low Power Design and High Density Design built into Infinera’s XTM Series metro platforms provide industry-leading density and low power that fit the data center environment.

With the arrival of Ethernet fabric technology, data center networks are increasingly expected to support lossless Ethernet to enable multi-service data center interconnectivity with high capacity and low jitter. The XTM Series 80-channel systems not only support transparent 10 gigabits per second (10G) Ethernet transport, but can also support 40G and 100G, future-proofing investments.

In the short term, however, many customers still have requirements for native support for storage, video, data, voice, etc. The XTM Series’ transparent and multi-service transport capability supports all the required protocols in the same system, enabling future upgrades to high-capacity Ethernet when that need arrives.

For multi-node, multi-tenant data center networks, Infinera’s packet-optical technology enables a pay-as-you-grow approach, enabling the ability to start with two sites and as few as four wavelengths and add nodes as demand arrives, without service interruption. If service level agreement (SLA) management is required for services, the XTM Series Ethernet Demarcation Units (EDUs) can be deployed to provide assurance on latency, jitter, delay, packet loss, uptime and throughput.

The XTM Series’ mature optical management platform integrates Layer 1 and Layer 2, ensuring that all applications and traffic, from cloud-based applications to business continuity and low-latency applications, are managed under a single service-oriented platform, ultimately reducing the complexity and cost of the network.


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