Software-defined networking (SDN) enables network operators to transform their business by automating operations, optimizing multi-layer networks and creating dynamic and innovative services. Infinera’s Xceed Software Suite delivers an open, purpose-built, multi-layer SDN platform with revenue-ready applications, leveraging the scalability, flexibility and programmability of Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks.

The Infinera Xceed Software Suite is a portfolio of software solutions that make bandwidth more dynamic and flexible. Xceed combines an open, multi-layer SDN control platform with modular, commercially deployable applications that enable new revenue sources while increasing network efficiency. Designed for multi-layer networks and unified SDN control across metro, long-haul and subsea networks, the Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform seamlessly interoperates with the Infinera Management Suite, enhancing Infinera’s robust portfolio of software solutions.

The Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform comprises a rich abstraction layer, open source-based SDN control functions and custom microservices designed from the ground up to optimize networks and deploy SDN applications with speed and agility. Based on the OpenDaylight open source platform, the Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform supports Infinera-developed Xceed Applications. It also enables operators and third-party application developers to create and deploy new SDN applications with greater feature velocity and more visibility and control of platform functions. The microservices-based platform architecture is designed for extensibility and high availability to support the requirements of real-time changes in transport networks.

Xceed Applications, including Xceed Dynamic Bandwidth and Xceed Instant Virtual Networks, are commercially deployable SDN applications designed to help operators rapidly activate revenue-generating services. Built on the open application programming interfaces (APIs) of the Xceed Multi-layer SDN Platform, Xceed Applications enable operators and third-party developers to create and deploy additional SDN applications quickly and easily. Xceed Applications span the optical, digital and packet layers and are deployable across metro and core packet-optical infrastructures, providing the flexibility to add on-demand characteristics to a wide range of end-user services. Using standards-based YANG information models, Xceed Applications can be integrated into third-party orchestrators and operations support system environments.

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