Infinera DTN-X Multi-Terabit Packet Optical Network Platform infoThe Infinera DTN-X Family leverages large scale photonic integrated circuit (PICs) to deliver multi-terabit FlexGrid wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transport, and in the XTC-series combines it with OTN switching without compromise along with an intelligent GMPLS control plane to offer a combination of scale and efficiency while simplifying network operations.

With the DTN-X Family service providers experience an extremely scalable platform that is easy to use with plug-and-play automated turn-up, software defined network (SDN) enabled network intelligence and point-n-click service automation. The DTN-X Family provides a truly simple network and system architecture with high density and low power enabling service providers to build Intelligent Transport Networks.

The DTN-X Family of next-generation terabit-class transport network platforms, is compromised of the DTN-X XTC Series and the DTN-X XT Series. The DTN-X Family is positioned to meet the needs of network operators seeking to offer new and innovative services with scalability, flexibility and programmability.

DTN-X Family Features

  • Large scale Photonic Integrated Circuits
  • FlexCoherent™
  • Flexible Grid Line Systems (FlexILS™) integration
  • Plug and play automation
  • Embedded network intelligence
  • Open, standards-based SDN interface
  • Success-oriented business model for network expansion

Infinera DTN-X XTC Series

The XTC Series combines the benefits of PIC technology, integrated packet aware OTN switching and the flexibility to address subsea, long-haul and metro networks. The XTC Series includes the following platforms:

  • XTC-10: 45 RU, 10 universal slots, 5 Tb/s (12 Tb/s future) non-blocking switching capacity
  • XTC-4: 22 RU, 4 universal slots, 2 Tb/s (4.8 Tb/s future) non-blocking switching capacity
  • XTC-2E: 15 RU, 24 interface slots, 6 optical line system slots, 1.2 Tb/s (2.4 Tb/s future) non-blocking switching capacity
  • XTC-2: 12 RU, 24 interface slots, 1.2 Tb/s (2.4 Tb/s future) non-blocking switching capacity

These chassis deliver a next-generation converged packet, OTN and WDM solution for metro core, regional, long-haul and subsea applications, providing high-bandwidth 100G and 500G WDM transport and packet-OTN switching.

In addition to the common features of the DTN-X Family, the DTN-X XTC Series provides the following advantages and benefits:

  • Non-blocking switching fabric of 5 Tb/s upgradeable to 12 Tb/s in a single bay
  • Multi-bay scale up to 240 Tb/s of non-blocking switching
  • Ethernet and MPLS capability
  • Carrier Ethernet services
  • OTN switching with ODU0 granularity
  • Colorless, directionless and contention-less FlexGrid ROADM
  • Fast Shared Mesh Protection
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