Infinera DNA helps simplify network operations, speed service provisioning, and rapidly isolate problems on the network. This carrier-class Element Management System (EMS) provides users with integrated node-level and network-level administrative, maintenance, and provisioning functions across multiple Infinera sub-networks. Infinera DNA consolidates and centralizes all network management information from across the network for use within the Network Operations Center (NOC), including equipment inventory, alarms and events notifications, circuit and endpoint inventory, and historical performance data. With a bird’s-eye view of the network, Infinera DNA facilitates the coordination of a number of administrative tasks across multiple network elements, presenting users with intuitive graphical interfaces to ease workflow activities, speed fault isolation and root cause identification, and reduce overall operating expenses.

The highly scalable Infinera DNA architecture is based on a network is master model and ensures all network changes are reflected in its purview, irrespective of what triggers the change. With this approach, control plane functions are implemented directly in the network, ensuring optimal system performance. Any change introduced within the network is automatically reflected as an update to all Infinera DNA users, ensuring network synchronization and continuous operation.

For high availability of the management plane, Infinera DNA maintains redundant communication sessions with gateway network elements, providing resiliency against DCN failures. Furthermore, multiple instantiations of Infinera DNA can be deployed with overlapping management purviews, providing a vehicle for implementing management administrative boundaries as well as network scalability and Infinera DNA or site-level redundancy.

The Infinera DNA employs a multi-tiered distributed processing architecture for operations that can scale to support several thousand network elements and hundreds of users. Infinera DNA’s nodal-level partitioning capability aids administrators in organizing the network into hierarchical administrative domains. Context-sensitive help, powerful debugging tools, and service templates further simplify management tasks.

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