Multi-layer Service and Network Management Tool for Packet Optical Networks

Digital Network Administrator (DNA-M) is a multi-layer network and service management system for the Infinera XTM Series and XTG Series optical and packet-optical networking solutions.
Common Management System for Multi-layer Networks DNA-M provides one multi-layer management system with complete topology awareness across Layer 0, Layer 1 and Layer 2, resulting
in a simplified management architecture and more efficient network and service lifecycle management.
Overview – Architecture
DNA-M is built around a multi-layer TMF608 model, according to TM Forum specifications. This model has complete topology awareness of the network and services across Layer 0, Layer 1 and Layer2, enabling multi-layer management in one system for fast, cost- effective provisioning, fault isolation and resolution without the need for extensive integration with other operations support systems (OSS).
With DNA-M, the user can, in minutes and from one graphical interface, configure an optical channel and add a Layer 2 service on top of this
Key benefits:
■ One common multi-layer management system for XTM Series/XTG Series-based Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, providing simplified service and network management
■ Automated provisioning across Layer 0, Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks
■Automated path computation using embedded path computation elements (PCE), and evolution to full software defined networking (SDN) environment
■Reduced time to resolve networking problems across Layer 0, Layer 1 and Layer 2, providing improved fulfillment of transport service level agreements
■ Reduced truck-rolls due to easier commissioning of amplified links
■ Standardized MTOSI 2.0 northbound interface for easy integration with existing business support systems (BSS)/OSS
■ Full support for alien wavelengths and passive equipment, allowing operators to take full advantage of Infinera’s flexible networking solutions with maintained end-to-end management
■Web applications providing easy access to and visibility of typical tasks in DNA-M
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