Infinera ATN™ Metro Edge PlatformThe Infinera ATN is a new metro-optimized CWDM and DWDM platform designed for cost-effective add/drop and multi-service aggregation in metro networks. The ATN extends Infinera’s digital optical networking benefits into the metro environment by providing a small form-factor, cost-efficient wavelength-granular add/drop system that interoperates with Infinera DTN, from a data plane as well as management/operations perspective. With ATN, metro aggregation rings can be deployed in a standalone manner or as extensions off of DTN networks, providing more flexibility and additional CapEx savings over conventional metro CWDM/DWDM solutions. The management integration capability delivers seamless, centralized management of services across the network for simplified end-to-end management.


  • Digital Optical Network data plane integration – Data Plane interworking with the DTN digital transport network provides cost savings and operational simplicity.
  • Infinera DNA integration – End to end monitoring and provisioning using Infinera DNA network management platform means a reduction in training, simplified service provisioning and rapid fault detection.
  • Compact, stackable chassis – With a 19\” 3RU high chassis form factor and compact cards the platform offers very high density.
  • Universal service modules – Multi-service, multi-rate line cards with all pluggable optical interfaces provide a simplified operational solution with reduced spares stock requirements.
  • Automated optical power management – Automation of power management, simplicity of installation, commissioning, provisioning and troubleshooting are values well known to Infinera customers.
  • Forecast tolerant design – Flexible and efficient optical filter options help to take the pressure off the forecast process, enable network cost optimization, and more readily accommodate changes in traffic growth and demand patterns.
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