As the communications network industry moves towards commercial deployment of SDN and NFV technologies, a growing range of choices is available. Selecting the right technology foundation today will bring dramatic rewards further down the road.

As a global leader in Information and Communications Technology, Fujitsu understands the value of open-source platforms and is committed to helping shape today’s SDN and NFV standards. We seek to provide solutions that offer flexibility and freedom from proprietary constraints or “vendor lock-in.”

Modular, Open, Multilayer
Fujitsu has built a modular, open, interoperable SDN/NFV platform that works across multiple layers and with multiple vendors’ products in the network. This proven SDN/NFV platform comprises four principal components:

  • Virtuora™ NC, a full-featured virtual network environment based on OpenDaylight, it has been architected to be easily portable to other SDN controllers, such as the emerging ONOS platform. As a result, our controller offers the flexibility to adopt other platforms while maintaining the same functionality.
  • Virtuora SN-V, a virtual network control and high-speed data transport system that supports monitoring and troubleshooting functionality.
  • Virtuora NFV Manager, which provides resource management and orchestration for virtual network functions and simplifies creation, deployment, and management of differentiated network services.
  • Virtuora SDN/NFV Applications, a rich ecosystem of individual functions that offer unprecedented choices in service creation and operational efficiency. Several applications are available from Fujitsu today, including Dynamic Service Activation and Wavelength Defragmentation.

Our Expertise Brings the Virtualized Network to Life
Fujitsu is among the global leaders in ICT. We bring our network, cloud & IT expertise together to create networks that deliver all the benefits and opportunities of virtualized, programmable functionality. We’ll help you accelerate service roll-out, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs –to maximize your network business.

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