FLASHWAVE 7120 Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform

The FLASHWAVE 7120 system is a combination access WDM and intelligent edge service delivery platform for a global marketplace. It is capable of standalone deployment or as part of a complete optical solution with products such as the FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP. The system’s high density, compact size, and low power consumption make it ideal for simultaneously solving bandwidth and fiber constraints and delivering managed services and wavelengths at the network edge.

  • Managed transparent wavelength services to the edge
  • Full client and network pluggable optics options (SFP/XFP)
  • Standards compliant with MEF certifications
  • OTN optical and management benefits
  • Optimized, low channel count CWDM and DWDM transport options

The FLASHWAVE 7120 Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform simplifies the process of adding incremental bandwidth and functionality. This compact solution is ideal for national and local carriers, wireless service providers, research and education, utility companies and enterprises.

This system addresses multiple network challenges, including:

  • Optical metro edge networking
  • Managed wavelength service delivery
  • WDM, OTN, Ethernet and SONET/SDH‎ consolidation
  • Optical reach extension and fiber relief

The unique FLASHWAVE 7120 photonic layer solution combines the reliability and management of traditional optical transport systems with flexibility and cost-efficiency. Its comprehensive suite of passive and active modules permits flexible customization and facilitates cost reduction by mixing and matching components as needed. As a result, you reach more customers at lower cost.

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