The FLASHWAVE 4100 Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP) family offers field-proven optical access and transport combined with a powerful, flexible mix of Carrier Ethernet and SONET derived services from DS1 to OC-48.

 FLASHWAVE® 4100 Multiservice Provisioning Platform

These platforms assure a smooth migration of Ethernet services onto an embedded SONET infrastructure by converging packet mapping capabilities over SONET. The FLASHWAVE 4100 family supports a wide variety of MEF-9 and MEF-14-certified E-Line and E-LAN services, providing:

  • Flexible 1 Mbps bandwidth provisioning granularity
  • Efficient statistical multiplexing for oversubscription
  • Ethernet aggregation
  • Class-of-service differentiation
  • SONET reliability
  • 0:2 and LCAS offers 2x throughput

The FLASHWAVE 4100 MSPP family bridges the transition to packet services, compliments existing investment and minimizes capital and operational outlay. These platforms are used in Central Offices (COs), controlled environmental vaults, remote terminals and at customer locations in racks, cabinets and wall-mount configurations. The FLASHWAVE 4100 platform family offers Layer 2 Ethernet support for E-Line and E-LAN connectivity and differentiated classes of service. The FLASHWAVE 4100 Small Shelf, with its integrated secure enclosure, is designed for CPE locations that require all-front access, AC operation and integral battery backup.

The FLASHWAVE 4100 MSPP family is flexible enough for CO or rugged Outside Plant (OSP) applications. Their high capacity and non-blocking STS and VT switch fabrics enable optical hub operation for converged wireline and wireless access networks. As a compact Digital Cross-connect System (DCS), they provide grooming in remote COs and cell sites. The platforms converge GFP, LO- and HO-VCAT, LCAS, VLAN

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