FLASHWAVE CDS Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform

The FLASHWAVE CDS (Compact Density System) combines high capacity Ethernet transport and aggregation with support for existing SONET/SDH services at the network edge. It’s designed to extend the reach of today’s core and distribution networks, providing an efficient on-ramp for packet-centric applications while ensuring support for revenue-bearing legacy services.

The FLASHWAVE CDS one-slot chassis is optimized for OTN based demarcation of Ethernet, OTN and SONET services at the customer premise. The two-slot chassis supports a range of interface units to meet a variety of business applications, traffic capacity requirements, and price points. Service providers can leverage its modular architecture to enhance their business services and optimize their access network.

OTN-Based Services

A transition is occurring as network operator’s move from using OTN solely as a digital wrapper for enhanced DWDM performance to using it as a switching mechanism for th

e next generation of service grooming and aggregation. OTN provides fully transparent global transport for Ethernet, SONET, SDH and wholesale service extensions. FLASHWAVE CDS OTN switching and multiplexing capabilities provide a transparent transport interface between these critical services and the OTN network.

The FLASHWAVE CDS platform incorporates a non-blocking OTN switch with multirate input/output to provide high-density OTN switching and multiplexing. Two-card operation with the Y-cable unit provide hardware resiliency for high-availability applications. Self-healing network facility pro

tection is afforded by industry-standard SNC-Ne/S using sub-50 millisecond protection switching. The FLASHWAVE CDS interoperates seamlessly with the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500 and 7500 platforms.

With standards-compliant OTN capability, the FLASHWAVE CDS platform has features that provide value across a range of applications.

Optimized for CPE demarcation, fiber relief or wholesale service extension
Resilient, high-availability service delivery options
400 or 200 Gbps OTN switching capability within a 2RU or 1RU footprint

Enterprise Ethernet Services

The FLASHWAVE CDS Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform is the ideal access and aggregation solution for commercial/enterprise Ethernet services. High-density Ethernet interface cards allow large numbers of data customers to be supported on a single system. Integrated traffic management, data aggregation, and Connection-Oriented Ethernet transport technologies provide robust, carrier-grade data services with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Legacy Services Demarcation

Legacy SONET/EoS services remain the primary revenue producers for most service providers. Today, these services are usually terminated at customer sites by deploying a full SONET platform. With the FLASHWAVE CDS system, a single service module provides both service delivery and service demarcation. The platform’s small size, low power consumption and strong cost-to-value ratio all offer compelling benefits when compared to terminating these services on a traditional ADM.

Mobile Backhaul

The FLASHWAVE CDS platform eases migration from TDM to Ethernet transport for next-generation WiMAX and 4G LTE base stations. These systems require high-bandwidth, highly reliable, native Ethernet transport services—the perfect application for the FLASHWAVE CDS Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform.

Next-Generation Transition

The FLASHWAVE CDS system provides an advanced Ethernet service and aggregation architecture for access networks. Incorporation of SONET/SDH and Ethernet enables a smooth, seamless transition to a packet-centric architecture.

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