fujitsu FLASHWAVE® CDS (Compact Density System)The FLASHWAVE CDS (Compact Density System) combines high capacity Ethernet transport and aggregation with support for existing SONET/SDH services at the network edge. It’s designed to extend the reach of today’s core and distribution networks, providing an efficient on-ramp for packet-centric applications while ensuring support for revenue-bearing legacy services.

The FLASHWAVE CDS two-slot chassis supports a range of interface units to meet a variety of business applications, traffic capacity requirements, and price points. Service providers can leverage its modular architecture to enhance their business services and optimize their access network.

Enterprise Ethernet Services

The FLASHWAVE CDS Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform is the ideal access and aggregation solution for commercial/enterprise Ethernet services. High-density Ethernet interface cards allow large numbers of data customers to be supported on a single system. Integrated traffic management, data aggregation, and Connection-Oriented Ethernet transport technologies provide robust, carrier-grade data services with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Legacy Services Demarcation

Legacy SONET/EoS services remain the primary revenue producers for most service providers. Today, these services are usually terminated at customer sites by deploying a full SONET platform. With the FLASHWAVE CDS system, a single service module provides both service delivery and service demarcation. The platform’s small size, low power consumption and strong cost-to-value ratio all offer compelling benefits when compared to terminating these services on a traditional ADM.

Mobile Backhaul

The FLASHWAVE CDS platform eases migration from TDM to Ethernet transport for next-generation WiMAX and 4G LTE base stations. These systems require high-bandwidth, highly reliable, native Ethernet transport services—the perfect application for the FLASHWAVE CDS Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform.

Next-Generation Transition

The FLASHWAVE CDS system provides an advanced Ethernet service and aggregation architecture for access networks. Incorporation of SONET/SDH and Ethernet enables a smooth, seamless transition to a packet-centric architecture.

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