FLASHWAVE® 7420 Metro WDM PlatformThe FLASHWAVE 7420 system combines optical, Ethernet, and certified storage solutions in a scalable DWDM-based transport solution. The system supports up to 40 fixed and reconfigurable wavelengths at speeds of 10G and under, including data and storage optimized 4G wavelengths. This pay-as-you-grow system supports service multiplexing and transport across ring, linear, and point-to-point topologies.

  • DWDM FOADM and 2D ROADM networking
  • Full C-band tunable 10G optics
  • Certified 1G, 2G, 4G, and 10G SAN
  • Integrated Ethernet ADM
  • GFP and G.709 compliant multiplexing

Optimized for Local and Competitive Carriers and Large Enterprises

The Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7420 platform is optimized for competitive and independent exchange carriers, as well as large enterprises. It is highly suited to utility and transportation applications. The platform allows seamless capacity growth in existing networks for high-speed voice, video, data and storage services and applications. It offers a broad mix of wavelength services, including a cost-effective and scalable entry point.

Flexible Mix of Wavelength Services

The hardware design of the FLASHWAVE 7420 platform, coupled with the benefits of WDM technology, enables the system to support point-to-point, linear add/drop and ring topologies. The platform takes full advantage of the latest optical technologies to increase bandwidth, improve optics and support numerous protocols and applications.

Support for Broadcast Applications

The FLASHWAVE 7420 platform is ideal for cost-effective triple play services, including simultaneous delivery of high-bandwidth internet connectivity in support of applications like VoD and peer-to-peer gaming. The platform’s unique port ADM capability allows providers sub-wavelength access. This reduces capital outlay, while supporting drop-and-continue routing for broadcast applications.

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