1FINITY™ T400 Transport Blade

Data center and carrier wide-area networks require flexibility to serve 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps clients. For network operators that have 10Gbps clients that must deliver line-side wavelengths of 100G and beyond, Fujitsu has developed two efficient solutions – the 1FINITY S100 L2 Ethernet switch and the 1FINITY T400 L1 aggregator.

The 1FINITY T400 is a carrier-grade, 1Tbps, Layer 1 aggregator supporting 10 x 100G-BaseR service interfaces and 25 x 40GbE client interfaces, although a 4:1 breakout cable can be used to reach 100 x 10GbE interfaces on the client side. The T400 utilizes multi-link gearbox L1 aggregation to provision other 1FINITY Transport blades, providing fixed mapping of 10 GbE to 100G. The T400 can combine with the 1FINITY T100 for data center interconnect, the 1FINITY T200 for carrier long-haul, and the 1FINITY T210 for carrier subsea applications.

The fixed 1RU blade of the T400 blade comes with dual replaceable fan units and AC or DC power supplies to efficiently accommodate different application environments. For ease of operation, the T400 employs a Linux-based operating system and can be managed using command line interface (CLI), SMNP, RESTCONF and NETCONF.

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