1FINITY™ T300 and T310 Transport

Network operators have numerous transport options for data center interconnect, metro, and long-haul applications. To improve density, reach and efficiency, Fujitsu has developed the open, modular, scalable 1FINITY™ platform.

Fujitsu previously announced the 1FINITY T100 and T200 transport blades. The 1FINITY T100 is an 800 Gbps transponder that’s purpose built for mDCI applications, and the 1FINITY T200 is a 400 Gbps transponder designed for long-haul telco and data center applications.

The new 1FINITY T300 and T310 blades extend the transport family and meet specific customer requirements with other high-density network/client interfaces and modulation schemes.

  • The 1FINITY T300 is a 1 Tbps transponder designed for high-density metro and DCI transport. With five network PIUs, the T300 supports 5 × 100G or 5 × 200G network interfaces using DP-QPSK or DP-16QAM line-side modulation, respectively. The T300 has 10 × 100 GbE client interfaces (QSFP28).
  • The 1FINITY T310 is a 200 Gbps muxponder designed for transport applications requiring 10 GbE client-side inputs. With two network PIUs, the T310 supports 2 × 100G or 1 × 200G network interfaces using DP-QPSK or DP-16QAM line-side modulation, respectively. The T310 has 20 × 10 GbE client interfaces (SFP+).

The scalable architecture of the 1FINITY T300 and T310 blades is backward compatible with existing FLASHWAVE® 9500 10 × 10 Gbps muxponder and 100 Gbps transponder service cards. It also can provide ROADM support for the FLASHWAVE 9500, FLASHWAVE 7500, and other vendors’ open ROADM platforms.

When adding wavelengths beyond 100G to the FLASHWAVE 9500, 1FINITY transport blades provide a modular solution that plugs directly into the FLASHWAVE 9500 WSS architecture. This makes it possible to upgrade any of the existing 88 lambdas to 200 Gbps.

In new disaggregated network deployments, 1FINITY transport blades can be combined with 1FINITY Lambda blades to quickly and efficiently create scalable WDM + ROADM + transponder nodes that scale from small to very large network applications.

Users can manage the 1FINITY T300 and T310 transport blades through a Web GUI, CLI, NETCONF YANG, SNMP and Virtuora® NC network controller.

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