1FINITY™ T200 and T210 Transport

As data demands proliferate and extend toward the edge of the network, service providers are searching for wavelength performance above 100G in new and existing network deployments. Fujitsu has developed a feature-rich transport solution that addresses both metro and long-haul applications, including high-performance router-to-router interconnection, long-haul data center interconnection, and fiber relief. The 1FINITY™ T200 Transport blade provides transport rates at and beyond 100G using coherent processing and software-configurable multimodulation techniques.

The 1FINITY T200 is a modular, 400G transponder/muxponder supporting two PIUs with 2 × 100G/150G/200G network interfaces with pluggable Fujitsu discrete network modules and 4 × 100G client interfaces with CFP4 network modules. With multiple modulation schemes—DP-QPSK, DP- 8QAM, and DP-16QAM—users have the flexibility to select the density and optical span performance per wavelength for their specific applications. The four 100G client ports can be transported in two 200G channels or a 400G super-channel. Beyond this high density, the 1FINITY T200 offers optional encryption and regeneration functionality.

The scalable blade architecture of the 1FINITY T200 can be used with existing FLASHWAVE® 9500 WDM or FLASHWAVE 7500 ROADM deployments and with the 1FINITY L100 CD-ROADM solution. When adding beyond 100G wavelengths to the FLASHWAVE 9500, the 1FINITY T200 provides a stackable blade solution that can be plugged directly into the FLASHWAVE 9500 WSS architecture, enabling any of the existing 88 lambdas to be upgraded to 200G. In new disaggregated network deployments, the 1FINITY T200 blade becomes a stackable muxponder with the 1FINITY L100 blades to quickly and efficiently create scalable WDM + ROADM + transponder nodes that scale from small to very large network applications.

The 1FINITY T200 Transport blade provides a universal solution that can easily upgrade your current or next generation network. The small form factor optimizes central office space, improves network density and provides a future proof solution for your metro or long-haul network.

The 1FINITY T210 is a modular 200G transponder supporting two PIUs having 2 x 100G network interfaces with pluggable Fujitsu discrete network modules and 2 × 100G client interfaces with CFP4 network modules. With a QPSK modulation format, nonlinear compensation and enhanced SD-FEC, this unique blade is specifically designed for long-haul subsea applications.

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