GX4000 E-Band Radio

The Fujitsu GX4000 E-Band Radio is a microwave radio transport platform operating on the E-Band spectrum. As traditional microwave frequency bands become more congested, the E-Band offers an ideal way to deliver multi-gigabit transport capacity in current and future networks.

Fujitsu patented impulse radio technology, featured in the GX4000 radio, provides an ultra-high 3 Gbps data link rate over a wireless link. With its simple architecture, compact size, low power consumption, and user-friendly operation, this platform is simple and easy to use.

Key Applications for the GX4000 E-Band Radio

  • Fixed broadband networks
    In areas where it is not cost-effective to deploy or lease fiber, E-band links are a perfect solution. They are lightly licensed and can be deployed very quickly. Their small size is ideal for mounting on a small pole on top of a building or a streetlamp. They can economically provide high bandwidth services (3Gbps) for fixed broadband applications.
  • Fronthaul (CPRI) /Backhaul (Ethernet) in evolving mobile networks
    As the LTE network evolves, the radio access network must evolve to support it. Small cells will be widely deployed as an overlay onto the macrocell layer for overall network operations efficiency. The fronthaul network with CPRI presents a critical challenge for mobile network operators seeking to secure interconnections between a centralized Baseband Unit ( BBU) and multiple Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The GX4000 E-Band radio is also effective at backhauling Ethernet traffic from a small cell to a mobile service provider’s PoP location. The GX4000 can support either protocol (CPRI or Ethernet) for any type of small cell application.
  • Portable networks for disaster recovery and low-latency transport
    Wireless transport solutions can be extremely important if a communications network is heavily damaged and infrastructure must be quickly restored. The GX4000 E-Band Radio is a very flexible and powerful option for emergency data traffic recovery and an ideal solution for getting traffic back up and running in a short amount of time.
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