FRX-3 Series Long-Haul Microwave Radio Systems

The Fujitsu FRX-3E platform is a next-generation long-haul system that offers flexible, highly reliable, ultra high-capacity wireless backhaul. The system provides long-reach and high-throughput capabilities. It also scales for low-capacity applications with an in-service pay-as-you-grow path to higher density.

The FRX-3E platform is designed to meet the ever-growing demands placed on rapidly evolving mobile networks, such as transporting LTE services. The system’s innovative architecture makes for simple user operation and quick, easy deployment.

The system supports advanced features such as Cross-Polarization Interference Compensation (XPIC), space-diverse antenna technology, and adaptive modulation to achieve the highest throughput of any microwave system on the market. Its packet features also allow for easy interfacing to a packet network and provides features such as bonding of radio links, STP, and link aggregation for ease in moving from the packet network to the microwave network.

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