Management of True Carrier Ethernet© Services
Ciena’s Ethernet Services Manager (ESM) is a ground-breaking carrier-grade, automated service activation, creation, and management platform for Ciena’s Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery Switches and Service Aggregation Switches. The ESM enables subscriber-managed services and lets users efficiently build and deploy large-scale Carrier Ethernet networks; cut time to market for new services; accelerate service revenue; maximize service availability; assure service quality; and leverage existing systems.
These combined functions cut Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), reduce time to market, and speed revenue. The ESM also paves the way to implement new services cost-effectively for increased revenue and competitiveness.
The ESM is built on a low-touch, service-oriented architecture that transparently handles all the complexities and details of deploying, delivering, and sustaining True Carrier Ethernet services. This comprehensive suite of integrated software tools lets service providers respond rapidly to the demand for new Ethernet-based services that drive top-line revenue growth while significantly reducing operating expenses. The service and network management platform scales from small utility, municipality, and Independent Operating Carrier (IOC) networks to the large, geographically dispersed networks of Tier 1 service providers and Multiple Service Operators (MSOs).
Delivering True Carrier Ethernet Services
The ESM leverages the Carrier Ethernet management plane features of the common service-aware operating system deployed across Ciena’s Carrier Ethernet Service Switches. Additionally, the service manager unlocks the value of Carrier Ethernet in the access network by letting network operators quickly and efficiently deploy the atest Carrier Ethernet features, standards, and attributes as they become available.

Ciena’s ESM automates network and service administration processes to reduce and simplify the overall management of a service provider’s access and aggregation network. The system
has been designed to minimize the complexity and challenges of new services by providing support for service automation, monitoring, testing, and restoration. These features enable
faster rollouts, fewer mistakes, and less service downtime, thus lowering the cost of service deployment.
The ESM integrates smoothly with back office systems to provide a seamless, automated service management solution. The platform provides rich support for Layer 2 management
protocols such as LLDP, EOAM and CFM, enabling service providers to deploy and manage their Carrier Ethernet networks with the reliability, predictability, automation, and
integration they demand.
Built specifically for carrier and service provider environments, the ESM scales to support millions of services across tens of thousands of network elements while smoothly integrating with
northbound NMS and OSS applications. The flexibility of the ESM platform lets service providers create new composite or hybrid service offerings and support both connectionless
services such as Ethernet, and more connection-oriented services such as Provider Backbone Bridging–Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE) and Multi-Protocol Label
Switching (MPLS).
Additionally, the platform’s standards-based architecture enables service providers to incrementally deploy Carrier Ethernet service networks that leverage existing and future service delivery technologies such as MPLS, PBB-TE, DSL, ATM, 3G+ and WiMax/LTE.
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