Open your network to new possibilities with an open disaggregated approach to routing solutions that breaks vendor lock-in and dramatically accelerates innovation. The DRX Series portfolio of white box switches/routers ranging from 300 Gb/s to 9.6 Tb/s leverages standard merchant silicon to provide a cost-effective, software-centric, and flexible solution for network routing. With carrier-class features including hardware redundancy, advanced synchronization, multi-unit scaling, and temperature hardening, the DRX is an optimal choice for even the most demanding carrier networks.

  • Open solution for router networks – Break free of vendor lock-in and accelerate innovation with a truly open ecosystem of hardware, software, and application suppliers for best-in-class network solutions.
  • Ideal solution for 5G and DAA – Equipped with industry-leading timing capabilities, powerful processing engines, and a uniquely programmable architecture, the DRX is the ideal solution to support the demanding requirements of 5G and DAA.
  • Carrier-grade routing solution – With carrier-grade features such as redundant fans, redundant hot-swappable power supplies, multi-unit resiliency configurations, and large routing tables for millions of routes, the DRX is designed to operate in the most challenging network environments.
  • Boundless scalability – Achieve new levels of flexible scalability with stacked and meshed chassis, and near limitless scalability with spine-and-leaf-style architectures that operate as a single element.
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