Deploy a Touchless, Programmable Optical Layer

The Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 2000 sets the industry benchmark for dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) solutions by delivering the touchless programmability, massive scale, and ultra-long-haul performance necessary for tomorrow’s converged network architectures.

Features and Capabilities

Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) Leadership

A decade ago, the Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP brought ROADM technology mainstream, enabling service providers, governments, and enterprises to deploy a simple yet intelligent DWDM network that could scale with operational ease. The NCS 2000 evolves the Cisco ROADM portfolio by introducing nLight ROADM technology.

By supporting touchless re-configurability through colorless, omni-directional, and contention-less add/drop, networks built upon nLight ROADM without any manual intervention can:

  • Instantly respond to new bandwidth
  • Route around network failures
  • Dynamically adjust their topology

Highly meshed networks will benefit from support of up to 16 degrees per card, or 32 degrees total. Flex spectrum capability can dramatically improve network efficiency by flexibly optimizing system capacity versus reach. Ultimately, customers can achieve per-fiber pair capacities of up to 26 terabits per second.

Next-Generation Amplification

The NCS 2000 introduces hybrid Raman-EDFA amplifiers known as erbium doped Raman amplifiers (EDRA). EDRAs are compact, easy to deploy, and support an ultra-low noise figure critical for long-distance, high bit-rate transmission. The platform supports a variety of optical amplifiers to meet varying network needs, including coherent-optimized EDFAs and high-power counter and co-propagating Raman amplifiers.

Optimizing 100 Gigabits (Gb)

Continuing Cisco innovation in 100 Gb technology, nLight silicon now extends to the client-facing interface using the Cisco CPAK pluggable transceiver. CPAK’s extremely compact dimensions and low power consumption help enable a single-slot, 100 Gb, DWDM line card with a standards-based 100GBASE-LR4 client interface, resulting in a superb system density of one, 100 Gb transponder per rack unit.

Multi-Layer Network Intelligence

The NCS 2000’s Wavelength Switched Optical Network (WSON) control plane architecture enhances Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) capabilities with awareness of wavelength properties and optical impairments. It offers dynamic service provisioning and restoration over a touchless DWDM network.

Using the Cisco nLight Control Plane, the NCS 2000 intelligently interacts with packet layer devices. It can automate service provisioning, eliminate human error, and support advanced failure recovery.

Seamless Platform Integration and Interoperability

As a key component of the Cisco Network Convergence System, the NCS 2000 easily integrates with the NCS 4000 and NCS 6000 at the network element, network management, and control plane levels. The NCS 2000 offers full support for ONS 15454 MSTP line cards, plus network-level interoperability and unified management for simple migration of existing ONS 15454 MSTP networks.

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