New enhancements to Waveserver™ provide unmatched WaveLogic 3 Extreme performance, further reduction in transport costs per bit, and smarter software and analytics.

ciena waveserver

Endless bandwidth. Easy operation.

What do you get when you combine best-in-class optics and web-scale IT? A solution that’s purpose-built for today’s metro, regional and long-haul Data Center Interconnect (DCI) applications. Ciena’s Waveserver gives you massive capacity and programmability while providing power and space efficiency. It’s simple, scalable, and tailor-made just for you.

Breakthrough high capacity in a compact footprint

Waveserver addresses the massive bandwidth requirements of metro, regional, and long-haul DCI while simultaneously providing power and space efficiency. By incorporating Ciena’s WaveLogic 3 Extreme coherent processors, Waveserver enables unparalleled capacity and density—400 Gb/s of line capacity plus 400 Gb/s of client Ethernet ports—in a compact, 1RU form-factor. It offers rack-and-stack simplicity and 19.2 Tb/s of capacity on a fiber pair. Its flexible modulations (QPSK, 8QAM and 16QAM) makes it the most optimized fit for any DCI application.

Familiar web-scale toolset

Built with a data center operations model, Waveserver offers features and capabilities that facilitate server-like deployment, provisioning, openness, and programmability. Its entire lifecycle—from planning and ordering to provisioning and maintenance—has been simplified for ease of use and optimized for data centers. It runs Linux, similar to a data server, and is fully programmable to set up connections manually or automatically through open APIs. It also communicates with Ciena or third-party applications via open REST API access.

Easy development of unique and customizable operational tools

Leveraging Ciena’s Emulation Cloud and platform-embedded APIs, data center operators can develop unique and customizable operational tools tailored around their specific requirements, without investment in physical hardware.

Simple to install and operate

No heavy manuals to read. No long hours on the phone with technical support. Waveserver installation is intuitive and easy for anyone with experience installing a server. Management is just as simple, and can be done anytime, anywhere via mobile devices.

New economics

Waveserver enables new economics for transport costs, such as lower cost per transported bit; lower cost per bit per rack; low power consumption; compact, space-saving design; and scalable modular architecture.

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