Waveserver® Ai delivers unmatched capacity—up to 2.4 Tb/s in a single rack unit—with a familiar operational toolset to tackle the largest scalability and automation challenges in the Data Center Interconnect (DCI) market.

More capacity, lower power, effortless DCI Waveserver Ai was designed to address evolving density and power requirements for ultra-high-capacity interconnect applications while retaining the simplicity and ease of deployment for which Waveserver products are known. Its unprecedented density, scale, and capacity per wavelength allow Internet Content Providers (ICPs), Data Center Operators (DCOs), and communications service providers to drive down energy and transport costs and increase their competitive differentiation. With its full suite of management interfaces and open APIs, Waveserver Ai is easy to operate and integrate into existing networks and facilitates mass deployment of on-demand cloud and high-capacity connectivity services.

Harnessing Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai coherent optical technology, Waveserver Ai offers the scalability required to satisfy the largest interconnect requirements, from metro to ultra-long-haul distances. For the first time, operators with shorter metro deployments can carry a massive 400 Gb/s of capacity over a single set of electro-
optics and profit from the associated capital and operational savings. With the strong performance and programmability provided by WaveLogic Ai, operators can now maximize capacity at any distance, and upgrade connections to higher speeds.

For long-haul applications, where wavelengths were previously limited to 100 Gb/s, operators can now upgrade these links to 200 Gb/s; on regional links previously limited to 100 to 200 Gb/s, operators can now attain capacities of 300 Gb/s. By extending the distance of higher bit-rate wavelengths, Waveserver Ai provides better
economics and more fiber capacity for DCI networks.

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