WaveLogicTM Encryption

What do you get when you combine market-leading coherent optics with proven encryption technology on Ciena’s popular Waveserver® Ai platform? The industry’s first coherent 400G optical encryption solution.

WaveLogic Encryption is a simple-to-implement in-flight data protection solution with advanced security capabilities. This solution leverages the unmatched performance and programmability of Ciena’s WaveLogic Coherent Optics to efficiently meet all of your infrastructure needs. WaveLogic Encryption extends to Ciena’s flagship 6500 Family of Packet-Optical Platforms, enabling flexible 10G, 100G, and 200G wire-speed encryption solutions from a compact CPE appliance offering to a range of high-capacity applications.

Effortless encryption. Period.

Now it’s easy to evolve from cumbersome to commonplace encryption deployments. Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption delivers an ultra-low latency, protocol-agnostic, wire-speed optical encryption solution to match today’s high-capacity infrastructure needs—from 10G to 100G, 200G, and beyond.

Deploy Ciena’s simple-to-implement WaveLogic Encryption for:

Maximum throughput with no impact to performance
Transparent transport of any protocol without additional hardware
Set-and-forget approach with always-on encryption
Seamless integration into existing enterprise Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) using X.509 certificate-based authentication
Secure management by the end-user via a dedicated easy-to-use interface

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