High-density packet aggregation. High-capacity coherent optical. You need both to elevate the experience for your end-users. We’ve got both—combined into one, compact modular platform—to simplify your network and reduce your packet and transport costs.

Ciena’s 8180 Coherent Networking Platform combines the industry-leading capacity and embedded intelligence of WaveLogic coherent transport with the density, openness, and programmability of a packet switch. As part of an end-to-end solution that peers with both packet switch devices and coherent networking platforms, it provides a high-density on-ramp to the coherent optical network.

8180 and Fiber Deep

Customers are demanding ever-faster Internet speeds and availability. In response, MSOs are trying to simplify operations by driving digital technologies closer to subscribers, with the goal of providing high-quality access to content.

As part of Ciena Fiber Deep Solutions, the 8180 delivers more bandwidth and scalability between hub and headend locations so network operators can reduce power and space. It also alleviates fiber congestion by providing an efficient mechanism to consolidate multiple 100 Gb/s connections from the access network into 400 Gb/s wavelengths for transport across the metro core.


  • Reduces transport and packet aggregation costs, footprint, and energy consumption by integrating high-density aggregation with high-capacity coherent optical transport

  • Incorporates a fully non-blocking 6.4 Tb/s packet fabric, offering scalability for high-capacity 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE applications (400GbE future)

  • Offers efficient transport for Ethernet, IP, and MPLS services

  • Provides the industry’s highest capacity, most spectrally efficient coherent technology—with tunability from 100 to 400 Gb/s—to maximize capacity for all applications

  • Is future-proof, ready for higher-capacity packet services and coherent modem technologies

  • Features full integration with photonic line systems to simplify network installation and turn-up for both optical and packet layers

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