Ciena’s 3906mvi Service Virtualization Switch is a compact, smart CPE platform that delivers gigabit Ethernet service capability with virtual network function integration.

By bundling Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) with Ethernet connectivity services, today’s service providers can field a virtually limitless portfolio of enhanced services that build reliable revenue streams and limit the endless upgrade cycles that only add cost and inefficiency to the network infrastructure. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) enables agility and scalability that facilitates transformation of networks and the services they provide. Ciena’s 3906mvi enables this transformation by hosting multiple VNFs at the customer premises or network edge.

Sized according to the number and nature of the VNFs, the platform accommodates an optional Intel-based server module capable of hosting a wide range of functions that are ideally distributed to the network edge to optimize last-mile bandwidth usage, such as encryption, WAN optimization, firewalls, service activation testing, service monitoring, and virtual routing. Service chaining several VNFs creates a library of value-added services that can be remotely provisioned, upgraded, maintained and managed with no truck rolls and reduced probability of human error.

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