Why leave the office when you can solve the problem from your desk?

The days of sending engineers to remote locations to fix problems are almost behind us. Our FSP Network Manager is designed to keep your engineers busy on developing the network, as opposed to fixing it. From your desk, you can now effectively find and isolate issues using advanced diagnostics. User-defined sorting and filtering functions for service monitoring and assurance assist you in generating customized reports for in-depth event analysis.

Leave complexity behind

Single management platform for advanced management of optical, Ethernet and sync networks.

Integration is an integral feature

Wide range of north bound interfaces for integration into operations support systems.

Designed for scalability and highest network availability

With our FSP Network Manager, multiple users across the entire network can access fault, configuration, inventory, security and performance management for all network nodes. Centralize your software upgrades with automated rollout for batch operations, and schedule automatic configuration backup procedures for effective business continuity and reduced network outages. Scale your network while maintaining operational simplicity and network security.

Protecting you every step of the way

Extensive security features including RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication, encrypted protocols, user activity logins and optional four-eyes principle for critical actions.

Are you looking for easy integration into your OSS landscape?

Our FSP Network Manager integrates with your existing OSS environment by offering powerful northbound interfaces – all customizable according to your needs and requirements. Automate the many steps needed for service delivery and assurance by deploying our FSP Network Manager. It transforms network complexity into a simplified network management solution and provides you with total management capability of your network from end to end.
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