Edge NFV creates many opportunities for revenue growth and equipment consolidation, but it also brings challenges. Customer premises and cell sites are remote, the cost of repair is high and the scale
out is huge. Edge NFV requires robust management, remote testing and diagnostics, and in service monitoring to keep OPEX under control.

Our FSP 150 ProVMe series enables service providers to bring NFV to existing L2/L3 connectivity services, with value-added offers such as managed routers, firewalls, WAN acceleration and SD-WAN. It minimizes truck rolls by combining the world’s most popular L2/L3 service demarcation solution with high-performance and self-contained NFV infrastructure. The FSP 150 ProVMe extends the proven benefits of remote testing and monitoring, and a highly reliable management channel to cover NFV hosting. Both the hosting platform and the service layers are monitored, status is reported, and faults can be remotely
diagnosed and repaired. What’s more, our FSP 150 ProVMe provides open, standardized interfaces, hardware encryption and comprehensive timing distribution.

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