Edge computing

FSP 150 ProVMi

Hardened hosting

Our FSP 150ProVMi is an open server wrapped in a carrier-class chassis. It is designed for hosting virtual network functions at the service edge where hardened features like temperature management are beneficial. By means of standard hardware interfaces, additional capabilities such as higher storage capacity of additional physical interface types can easily be added. As functionality is software-defined, a single hardware device can be used in very different network scenarios. This approach minimizes the number of different hardware devices, hence, decreasing inventory and simplifying operations.

FSP 150 ProVMe Series

The era of edge NFV devices

Communication service providers (CSPs) are on the cusp of a new era of business opportunity. Network functions virtualization (NFV) presents CSPs with an opportunity to rapidly expand the managed services they offer and swiftly develop new revenue streams. But to do this, they need to overcome a critical hurdle. They must ensure that virtual network functions (VNFs) can be created, operated and managed in a simple, open and reliable way. Hosting and performance assurance of software appliances requires a new generation of edge NFV devices.

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