Programmable demarcation

FSP 150-GE100Pro Series

A new vision for access networks

Today’s access networks have become a sprawling mass of heterogeneous equipment. Complex to maintain and challenging to expand, access networks need to be reimagined to accommodate new business opportunities. Adva FSP 150-GE100Pro Series is a multi-layer service demarcation solution that presents a major new opportunity to streamline your access network, while at the same time rapidly provision new business services. Adva FSP 150-GE100Pro Series is your competitive edge in a virtualized world.

FSP 150-GO102Pro

Ensuring quality in tough conditions

As more and more things become connected to the internet, communication service providers (CSPs) face the challenge of providing access to devices operated in harsh conditions. Even in the toughest environments, the quality of the connectivity service must not be compromised. There is now an urgent need for reliable, programmable Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and IP service demarcation devices that can be deployed outdoors. It’s also vital that they work without expensive cabinets or power-hungry air conditioning systems.

Universal and programmable demarcation

Multi-layer Carrier Ethernet and IP integration into one single device with open SDN interfaces.

FSP 150-XG300 Series

Soaring data demands

Data rates are growing at unprecedented speed. As more enterprises move their data and applications into the cloud, communication service providers (CSPs) urgently need to scale their networks. They also face the challenge of coping with an ever-increasing diversity of network technologies. The solution to this complexity is to empower the network edge with smart demarcation and aggregation technology. With a unique combination of interface technologies with open network protocols for management and control, CSPs can simplify network integration and optimize applicability with the widest range of wholesale and retail bandwidth services.

One device, multiple technologies

Common hardware architecture for MEF certified CE 2.0, IPv4/IPv6 and MPLS service demarcation.

FSP 150-XG440

Scaling safeguards business

Bandwidth-hungry customers are not the most patient of clients. To meet their growing demands, communication service providers have no choice but to scale their connectivity networks towards 100G services. This is no easy task, as operational processes and quality of service must not be compromised. Operators and enterprises need demarcation and aggregation devices that can cost-effectively accommodate Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) 10Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s service offerings with capacity, scalability and resilience, as well as the lowest space and power consumption. They need an industry-leading design that enables them to meet the bandwidth demands of their cloud-centric networks and enables them to offer multi-layer, multi-protocol CE 2.0 services.

High-capacity business services

Meeting bandwidth demand of cloud-centric networks with EVPL and VPLS L2 VPN connectivity.
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