Tropos’ wireless mesh routers combine the industry’s most sophisticated mesh networking intelligence with purpose-built hardware to deliver high reliability and optimal performance. Fixed and mobile mesh routers are available and can be mixed on a single network to create a mesh network with dynamic coverage areas.

Tropos 6320/6310 Mesh Router

tropos 6320-6310

  • Tropos 6320 Outdoor Mesh Router – a high-performance fixed configuration dual radio (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) router that supports mesh and client connectivity on both bands for superior performance, resiliency and capacity. Its light weight and compact design allows it to be mounted almost anywhere, simplifying deployment.
  • Tropos 6310 Outdoor Mesh Router – a high-performance fixed configuration single radio (2.4 GHz) router that provides an economic solution for networks with lighter traffic loads or for fill-in connectivity in larger scale networks. Similar to the Tropos 6320, it is light weight and has a compact design, simplifying deployment and enabling mounting almost anywhere.

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