Tropos’ wireless mesh routers combine the industry’s most sophisticated mesh networking intelligence with purpose-built hardware to deliver high reliability and optimal performance. Fixed and mobile mesh routers are available and can be mixed on a single network to create a mesh network with dynamic coverage areas.

Tropos 1410 Wireless Mesh Routers and Wireless Bridges

1410 mesh router tropos 1410 mesh router wireless bridgeCompact, easy to install devices used to build field area communication networks for automation applications. Integrated firewalls and VPNs plus DNP3 over serial and Ethernet support provide enterprise-class security and future-proof operation to legacy automation devices installed in the field.

The Tropos 1410 is available in two models, the Tropos 1410 and the board-level Tropos 1410-B. The Tropos 1410 comes in a ruggedized, weatherized enclosure suitable for use in extreme outdoor environments. It is available with integrated or external antennas. The Tropos 1410-B is a module suitable for integration into smart grid and other field automation devices.

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