Designed for high-capacity networking, the 6500-S32 converges comprehensive Ethernet, TDM, and WDM capabilities with unconstrained hybrid packet/OTN switching and an intelligent control plane to maximize the bandwidth efficiency and flexibility of the overall network.


  • Utilizes 3.2 Tb/s of unrestricted hybrid packet/OTN switching for the most efficient use of network resources
  • Supports the full suite of photonic architectures for service transport over high-capacity wavelengths from 2.5G to 400G
  • Enables simplified operations and reduced sparing costs through seamless networking flexibility with the 6500 Family
  • Supports both muxponder- and central fabric-based packet/OTN switching solutions, enabling cost-optimized configurations
  • Offers industry-leading WaveLogic coherent technology and intelligent control plane capabilities for scale and service differentiation
  • Provides a range of differentiated service offerings through various line and equipment protection options
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