To keep their optical networks competitive, operators need to ensure they are capable of growing exponentially in scale, capacity, and reach. At the same time, they need to leverage new technologies economically and in alignment with their budgetary targets and business goals. For operators that foresee limits to their C-band capacity, open optical solutions that feature a disaggregated physical architecture and expansion options for L-band capacity are game changers.

1FINITY CDC ROADM Solution Overview

Fujitsu’s next-generation 1FINITY Colorless, Directionless, Contentionless (CDC) ROADM Solution provides for the creation of flexible ROADM networks with centralized software, such as Virtuora® Network Controller, that supports autonomous control and management. By using a flexible grid CDC architecture, the 1FINITY CDC ROADM Solution provides optimal flexibility at the optical layer and is designed to foster just-in-time innovation that aligns with business requirements.

The CDC ROADM Solution consists of four blades that together provide the building blocks for an open, scalable ROADM network capable of growing up to eight degrees.

The CDC ROADM solution comprises the following blades:

  • 1FINITY L130 32-port CDC ROADM blade
  • 1FINITY L140 8-degree × 24 CDC add/drop blade (near-future release)
  • 1FINITY L220 4-degree × 28 CDC add/drop blade
  • 1FINITY L160 backward Raman amplifier blade

1FINITY L130 32-port CDC ROADM Blade

The 1FINITY L130 C-band ROADM-on-a-blade is the foundation of the CDC ROADM solution. And is highly suitable for metro and regional networks. The blade provides wavelength routing and selection functionality and features the highest port number available in the current market, supports multi-degree ROADM networks, and can be combined with the upcoming L140 blade to provide a maximum of 600 CDC add/drop channels.

1FINITY L220 4-degree × 28 CDC Add/Drop Blade

The 1FINITY L220 passive blade provides a novel and cost-effective way to support CDC add/drops. The L220 blade offers a simple, cost-effective splitter/coupler approach for up to 28 CDC add/drops. The blade also provides interconnectivity for up to four degrees.

1FINITY L160 Backward Raman Amplifier Blade

The 1FINITY L160 a carrier-grade C + L backward Raman optical amplifier blade, designed for high Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio (OSNR) performance and the challenges of long-reach optical network spans. The L160 works in conjunction with the L130 to increase span reach.

Device Management

The 1FINITY CDC ROADM solution is optimally managed through the L130 blade, using the Virtuora Network Control Solution. Other options for management include a web-based GUI, CLI, NETCONF, and YANG models.

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