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Led by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the new Keep Americans Connected initiative in 2020 is vital as many transfer their work and schooling to home environments in response to the global pandemic. While remote worker environments and homeschooling increase, so does the need for broadband, bandwidth and VoIP services.

To address these increases, Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman FCC has called for companies such as broadband and telephone service providers and trade associations to make the pledge to ensure that Americans do not lose connectivity during this unprecedented time. To no surprise, over 700 companies have signed the pledge to date.

Each company’s involvement promises to not terminate service to any residential or small business because of their inability to pay bills due to COVID-19. Additionally, late fees will be waived and Wi-Fi hotspots will be open to any American that might need them.

In addition to the above, the FCC is also Keeping Americans Connected by providing:

LightRiver is proud to see the number of companies, including many that are partners of ours, that have taken the pledge and fully support this initiative as we all work together to best serve our country during such an uncertain period of time.


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