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Optical networking continues to rapidly evolve, with new technologies and applications emerging all the time. At LightRiver, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of optical networking and strive to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies to provide our clients with the best solutions for their mission-critical networks. Below are five ways we’re pushing the boundaries of optical networking:

  1. Active involvement in 400G ZR and ZR Optics forums: LightRiver is an active member of the 400G ZR and ZR Optics forums, which are working to develop standards for these new technologies and ensure worldwide compatibility of optical internetworking products. By participating in the standards process, we’re helping to ensure that these new technologies are interoperable, cost-effective, and deployable in a variety of networks.
  2. Proactive testing and integration of disaggregated optical systems: We’re currently conducting tests on 400G ZR/XR optics in multiple OEM routers and deploying DCI Transponders and 400G ZR(+) optics in disaggregated ROADM systems. We capture these configurations in netFLEX® for multi-vendor optical domain management, working to ensure that our customers’ optical components can work with various networking equipment from different vendors. This disaggregation of optical systems is important because it allows network operators to easily upgrade their networks and add new features.
  3. Integration of the latest generation DCI transponder systems into netFLEX: We’re integrating the latest generation DCI transponder systems into netFLEX, which allows network operators to simplify the management of their DCI networks and ensure peak efficiency and performance. Specifically, the integration enables the ability to rapidly turn up DCI services, simplify DCI topology management and automate service provisioning.
  4. Integration of 400G ZR(+) optics in routers for optical domain management into netFLEX: We’re integrating 400G ZR(+) optics in routers for optical domain management into netFLEX. This integration allows network operators to more easily manage their 400G networks and ensure they operate at optimal efficiency. Specifically, the integration allows for increased visibility into network performance and reduces operational complexity.
  5. Deployment of the latest generation open line systems to enable new products: We’re working with customers to deploy the latest generation open line systems, enabling network operators to add new features to their networks and offer new services to their customers, such as spectrum sales and BYO transponder services.

As a leading provider of optical networking solutions, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. By actively participating in the standards process, integrating new technologies, and working closely with customers, we’re helping to shape the future of optical networking.

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