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In our latest virtual tour video, LightRiver takes you behind the scenes of LightRiver’s Alien Aware Networking® Lab in the San Francisco Bay area. Our COO, Travis Ewert, guides us through the facility while chatting with team members about how we are working with the industry’s leading suppliers and network operators to make open optical a reality.

In the video, we explore:

  • Hardware – We use hardware from all the leading vendors to test and validate alien wavelengths over a variety of legacy fixed grid solutions and nextgen flexgrid solutions from many notable vendors.
  • Testing and Methodology – With access to all of the vendors’ documentation, we are at a unique advantage when writing custom test plans for our customers based on their specific business needs and applications.
  • Management of Multi-Vendor Networks – We walk you through an overview of netflexTM, our award-winning network automation platform we use to ensure network health.

As you can see, routed optical networking is real and ready for prime time! And we are here to collaborate with you to design, build, automate multi-vendor and multi-technology alien aware networks. Watch the entire virtual tour below.

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