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By: Mike Robuck

In this recent article with Fierce Telecom, LightRiver Chief Operating Officer, Travis Ewert, talks about the importance of optical networking and how LightRiver has carved out a vital niche in the optical networking space by bringing multi-vendor software automation to the plumbing of networks.

Ewert takes a deep dive and explains why automation and optical networks go hand in hand; both playing vital roles in networks and other systems. “Automation is just a huge trend and it is being applied to other parts of networks and other systems. Optical networks should play a part in that automation. Service providers are better off if they can automate their networks, and if they’re automating other higher layer networks and ignoring the optical networks they’re limited.”

Heavy Reading’s Principal Analyst for optical networking and transport, Sterling Perrin, commented, “They’re an interesting company and I’ve followed them for a while now. Their niche is software automation for optical networks and they’re really largely focused on legacy optical networks and existing networks that are in place, which is an important area.”

To read the entire article, click here.


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