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Last week Fierce Telecom (FT) released its annual report listing the top business fiber providers in the U.S. Of course, as more and more enterprises demand connectivity, the need for this resource is quickly growing, and will continue to do so. As FT’s editor Sean Buckley explains, a number of service providers continue to build out their fiber networks or buy other fiber providers to expand their footprint.

FT’s list is instructive based on two key metrics that Sean used to compile the list (based on public information):

  • Fiber Route Miles are measured by the conduit length. Route miles are different from fiber miles, which is the number of route miles in a network multiplied by the number of fiber strands within each cable on the network.
  • On-net fiber means that each fiber that goes into a particular building is connected directly to a service provider’s facilities and traffic passes directly onto its own network.

Sean also mentions some interesting stats and trends that show how fiber availability is on the rise within U.S.-based buildings.

According to Vertical Systems Group’s recent Fiber Gap report, the amount of buildings with available fiber jumped to 49.6% in 2016, whereas only 10.9% of commercial buildings in the U.S. were connected to fiber.

Take a look at the full article here to see the full list and further details.

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