Factory Built Network® Advantages with LightRiver

LightRiver’s patented, turn-key delivery process is a predictable and proven methodology of deploying today’s complex telecommunications networks, all with clear network advantages.

By leveraging our network engineering expertise, product reach, testing resources, logistics capabilities and multivendor network automation platform, LightRiver can deliver higher value transport networks with our intelligent Factory Built Network® (iFBN) solution.

Why FBN?

  • Freedom to select the equipment vendor, technology and value mix most appropriate to your business
  • Over 60% less time onsite, including half as many site visits
  • Eight times more auditing & testing to provide a better performing network
  • Ninety-four percent of quality defects detected during factory testing
  • Team empowerment via hands on network training
  • Predictable installation schedules
  • Fifty percent faster project timelines
  • Network monitoring to assure your services are delivered to your customers as intended; all contributing to 65% reduction in customer staff requirements and associated cost to deploy a new network
  • Results in expedited network use and revenue generation

With LightRiver’s patented intelligent Factory Built Network (iFBN) process, customers spend significantly less for network deployment – with an equivalent of up to 9% of total project cost.

  • Purchasing, project management and logistics management are simplified, with no risk of lost equipment.
  • Early equipment failures are mitigated in real time, with no impact to schedule, as 94% of product defects are discovered during Factory testing.
  • Sixty percent less time on customer sites, reducing much of the expense for escorts, and improving predictability.
  • Extensive test and performance baselining putting the network into service much faster, reducing project timelines by up to 50%

Faster Deployments, Better Results

Equipment is sourced and managed centrally

Equipment is staged, configured, tested and burned-in in our Factory

Equipment is custom crated and shipped worldwide

Equipment is installed, tested, and certified in the field

The network advantages of LightRiver’s Factory Built Network are real, with better performing, more reliable transport networks delivered to operators in record time.

For example, LightRiver most recently delivered a multi-year, multi-vendor statewide network solution, deploying multiple technologies (DWDM, Carrier Ethernet, SONET, TDM, EMS, NMS, Timing) across 150 locations via FBN.

LightRiver was contracted to provide a turnkey solution, including all pre-deployment, procurement, deployment, automation and post-deployment services – system engineering & design; equipment sourcing, fiber re-termination and characterization; equipment hot staging; factory acceptance testing; installation; training; circuit migration; maintenance & support.

The network was delivered two years ahead of schedule, in approximately 50% of the expected time.

The customer enjoyed minimal impact on its employees and operations with lower project support costs.

Importantly, the operator enjoyed the benefits of its new transport network two years sooner than planned.

The benefits of a Factory Built Network are significant:

With the centralized management of material and work, the expertise of specialists for each step of the process, enhanced testing and operator enablement, LightRiver can build in its “factory” and deliver:

  • Best-engineered, most reliable transport networks
  • Benefits of its new system sooner
  • Lowest cost and least disruption along the way

We’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve goals like reducing capital expenses, reducing operational expenses, improving cash flow, accelerating deployment time and time to revenue, and modernizing, monitoring and automating transport networks.

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