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To celebrate the New Year, and our achievements past and present, we wanted to take a look back at key Factory Built Network® integrations we performed in 2017.

By now, you know about our Factory Built Network (FBN) solution, and how it represents the culmination of our team’s knowledge, skills and experience. It’s a proprietary turn-key process, serving as a predictable and proven methodology of deploying complex telecommunications networks. Our specialists build and deploy the highest-performing, most reliable transport networks with unprecedented speed and cost-efficiency.

At the start of 2017, East Kentucky Power cooperative (EKPC) chose LightRiver to provide all design and engineering services to implement their new core network. Our Factory Built Network process made it possible to build and test a 10 Gigabit core network solution before deployed in the field. Basically, FBN drastically minimized the risk of adopting a next generation network.

Moving from winter to spring, NV Energy Inc. also enlisted us to help with a significant network build. As with EKPC, our Factory Built Network allowed for a tested and stable network before field deployment.

As the dog days of summer approached, we were then recognized by TMT News and our Factory Built Network solution was awarded with USA’s “Most Sophisticated Telecom Network Deployment Product.” It was a pleasure to accept this award, as FBN is our predictable and proven methodology of deploying complex telecommunications transport networks.

The advantages of the LightRiver Factory Built Network are real, and so relevant. Today, we’re delivering better performing, more reliable transport networks to customers across the U.S. in record time. Stay tuned for more FBN news in 2018!

To learn more about our Factory Built Network solution, click here.

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