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Are you “alien aware?” The industry coined reference ‘Alien Waves’ is becoming more and more real as Hyperscale, FAANG, Tier 1 DC/Exchange and Tier 1 wireless/wireline providers, and broader are leveraging Open Optical and Network Disagg to ‘plug-and-play’ network elements and components for best-of-breed solutioning.

Here at LightRiver, we have coined the term Alien Aware Networking to focus directly on this area, as we support design/engineering, build/deploy, and advanced automation of these Open Optical networks.

Specifically, we define Alien Aware Networking as an ‘alien aware network’ that embraces alien wavelengths allowing them to be readily monitored, analyzed, and managed end-to-end, no matter what suppliers or technologies are leveraged within a single network operator, or across multiple interconnected operator networks.

How is this possible?

Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology, Open Optical network automation that is all enabled by netFLEX®! LightRiver services and software allow network operators to now embrace the benefits of alien waves without the shortcomings that exist currently. In addition to the automation of disaggregated networks supporting Alien Wavelength Services, LightRiver can also help you design, build, and deploy your Open Optical network at scale.

End- to-end transport network management is more critical than ever. The netFLEX optical domain controller provides support for DWDM Open Line, Open ROADM, NextGen DCI/ Waves platforms, and the latest Packet Edge transport, all of which support real time inventory, programmable analytics, and control automation.

The end objective is comprehensive management of the underlying wavelength services.

We invite you to ‘Embrace the Alien,’ and learn more about our exciting new product offering here.

Watch this JSA TV Interview to learn what’s ahead for Alien Aware Networking.

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