Coherent Optical Technology:



With DWDM and Coherent Detection, a single fiber can carry 10,000 times more capacity than that same fiber 20 years ago.

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) transport products use multiple light wavelengths, or colors, to send data over the same fiber medium and are the scalable, optical, foundation for all transport services offerings, allowing for differentiation, capacity, predictability and security.

The advent of 100G+ technology enabled by coherent optics means that network operators can more easily upgrade their long haul backbone, regional core, metro and edge networks with the right amount of bandwidth to ensure that the user gets a consistent experience, while maintaining 99.999% network uptime, and is less constrained by capacity limitations, distance or fiber condition. LightRiver’s portfolio of WDM transport products provides that scalable optical foundation, with the technical variety that allows you to differentiate your service offerings, with the best platform for you to deliver those custom services to your clients in real time. From dynamic bandwidth allocation and compression for data center connectivity, to wire-speed encryption and uncompressed digital video transport, backhaul or spectrum services, compete more effectively by offering unique SLAs and improved service quality.

Primarily driven by packet-based services for video, gaming and wireless: the need for bandwidth has exploded. Even mid-sized network operators are demanding multiple 100 Gbps pipes to accommodate large increases for growing and diverse applications such as wireless Xhaul, surveillance, ITV, and data-center connectivity, or simply to leverage the optical advantages of coherent optics in overcoming legacy fiber plant issues. This growth requires transport that is flexible, scalable and programmable as we begin to approach the theoretical limits imposed by Shannon’s Limit.

The key features and benefits of WDM include:

  • Protocol and Bit Rate Agnostic – wavelengths can accept virtually any services Fiber Capacity Expansion – WDM provides the maximum fiber efficiency possible.
  • Hi Cap/Long Haul and Lo Cap/Short Haul Applications – DWDM variants provide optimal price performance for virtually any network.
  • Remotely Programmable – ROADMs provide the flexibility to provision, operate or automate without constant network uplift.


Wave-Division Multiplexing (WDM) networks have evolved into advanced interconnected mesh architectures. Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs) are vital to these advanced networks, enabled by Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) technology, C+L band support, FLEX grid and enhanced simplicity through automation and design to drive scale and long term cost savings. The keys to any ROADM are the optical switch fabric and optical switching technology. Advanced WSS modules are the optical switching “engine.”

The WSS provides wavelength selection, switching, power monitoring, and auto-power balancing all within a single device. In addition, WSS ROADMS support advanced network architectures such as multi-degree hub nodes and mesh architectures.

A new generation of DWDM Open Line Systems will further add to the flexibility of this vital network backbone, with emerging technology compliance further enhancing flexibility and scalability.

ROADMS offer benefits, including:

  • The planning of the entire bandwidth assignment need not be carried out during initial deployment of a system.
  • Improved network utilization due to single-channel granularity
  • Non-block access to any lambda – improved network efficiency
  • Flexibility & service velocity – drop any channel and any number of channels at any site
  • Integrated auto-power balancing, eliminating costly & timely manual tuning
  • Full band tunable transponders
  • Support for interconnected ring and mesh architectures
  • A-Z end-to-end wavelength provisioning


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