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Earlier this week Deloitte made the call for $130 to $150 billion fiber infrastructure investment for the U.S. to reach full digital potential. What does that mean? The investment hopes to squash the digital divide and plan the country for the oncoming of 5G. The report comes on the grounds of 5G and the need for a denser fiber network for backhaul and fronthaul.

As it currently stands, the U.S., according the report, is behind in the fiber infrastructure necessary to move forward with 5G. In order to ramp up the U.S.’s speed to get in the 5G race, Deloitte suggests that expanding broadband access and shared infrastructure will get the job done, but not without concerns from carriers.

“Network infrastructure is among the key factors in a nation’s economic growth potential and status as an innovator, and ultimately in propelling our economy’s gross domestic product and job growth,” said Craig Wigginton, vice chairman and telecommunications sector leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP in a press release announcing the report. “We see a 5G ready U.S. infrastructure as critical to enabling a range of other adjacent industries to compete globally and safeguard our digital economy.”

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