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Today, we are proud to officially announce that following an exciting year of several industry award wins, LightRiver is the 2021 Fierce Telecom Award Winner in the Customer Engagement Category! We are very honored to receive such an important accolade in our industry, and would love to tell you more about how we won this award, and what we do differently here at LightRiver to improve the customer experience. Let’s dig in.

It’s no secret that network disagg in open optical can be problematic. Network design, deployment and operations of these complex networks need intelligent automation and system integration. This isn’t something that’s only needed for the Operator, but also for the Suppliers that all operate in an open, multi-vendor, and multi-technology ecosystem.

How do we make a difference? Our Alien Aware Networking™ solution embraces alien wavelengths, letting them be readily monitored, analyzed and managed end-to-end. No matter the supplier or technology being leveraged within a single network operator or across multiple interconnected operator networks, Alien Aware Networking™ allows for uniform visibility and management. Our solution also supports end-to-end Interop/Lab testing and design/build services.

LightRiver has designed a Customer Experience and Engagement Model specifically around offloading the vast majority of the optical engineering and development from network operators and disparate technology suppliers, while supporting end-to-end network automation of the full service customer life-cycle.

Want to find out more? Read the full article in Fierce Telecom’s Innovation Report!

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