In high cap business services Ethernet is the predominant transport. With service requirements exceeding 100 Mbps, Fast Ethernet is no longer sufficient. Gigabit Ethernet is fast becoming the service port of choice.

Carrier Ethernet is a perfect technology for delivering Gigabit Ethernet transport services. On top of that Carrier Ethernet is simple and inexpensive, making it a perfect platform for delivering the triple play.

  • Networks must support a variety of Ethernet bandwidth requirements
    • Carrier Ethernet allows multiple bandwidth profiles and fractional GbE offerings
  • Networks must provide efficient traffic engineering
    • With Carrier Ethernet, edge traffic stays at the edge
    • Multipoint and multicast traffic is handled efficiently

carrier ethernet for Gigabit Transport Services

Carrier Ethernet for Delivering Gigabit Transport Services

LightRiver integrates products from multiple vendors. Learn about some premier Carrier Ethernet products by clicking on the links below.

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