Automating Your Network for An Uncertain Future is Essential

Being a Service Provider operating during a pandemic, with supply chain issues and increasing demands on broadband speed and usage, establishing the right technology infrastructure is critical. Even more critical, is effectively spending capital in the right way, with the right solution, to get the right results…that last.

One such provider had the challenge of integrating multiple parts of their business and as well as integrating networks. One network was fully TDM, focused on serving a local community; one was a pure hicap carrier to carrier network supporting wireless expansion; and one was a metro ethernet solution focused on delivering both hicap services and business ethernet to a growing city.

Watch our quick video to see how LightRiver’s partnership allowed this Service Provider to achieve better for less and futureproof their network for continued growth.


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LightRiver offers a full set of network software tools and services to optimize multidomain efficiencies while enabling consistently high quality of service, which is critical in mission-critical networks, including network automation.

From intelligent mobile backhaul and broadband access to high-speed optical backbones, SDN and SD-WAN technology enables the transformation of access, data center, metro, and long-haul networks into demand-responsive infrastructures that are ready for next generation services in a world where everything is On-Demand and Virtualized.

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