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Every year, Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards remains one of the most coveted awards programs in our industry. Leading Lights Awards recognize the top companies and their executives for outstanding achievements in next-generation communications technology, applications, services, strategies, and innovation.

Light Reading has a well-deserved reputation for utilizing an independent analysis of the people, products, and companies, making it a credible and authoritative award program for the industry.

With that, LightRiver is proud to be a semi-finalist for our Alien Aware Networking solution in the Outstanding Test & Measurement Vendor category!

This particular award focuses on the communications networking test and measurement, monitoring or assurance systems vendor that stands out from its competitors. It also means that the company is a consistent innovator, helps set the industry trends, makes investors proud and makes employees happy. We are honored to be a semi-finalist in this crucial award category.

Alien Aware Networking bridges the gap between systems by ‘removing the Alien’ from Alien Waves. This solution embraces alien wavelengths allowing them to be readily monitored, analyzed, and managed end-to-end, no matter what suppliers or technologies are leveraged within single or across multiple interconnected operator networks. Alien Aware Networking is timely as our industry observes a shift towards open and disaggregated optical networks. We are leading the charge in the industry and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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