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Who loves vendor lock-in? Neither do we. Gone are the days of relying solely on a single vendor’s closed proprietary optical platform and related network management. Or if utilizing multiple vendors, separating these deployments out by metro or broader geographic regions with minimal interoperability. There is an alternative to this long-standing best practice. In today’s increasingly competitive market, service providers are seeking network disaggregation and open optical systems as the new alternative. LightRiver’s Alien Aware Networking™ brings forth an industry differentiated approach to introduce these technology advancements at scale while enabling new service offerings at reduced costs.

As the premier optical systems integrator in the U.S, LightRiver deploys and automates some of the largest disaggregated optical systems in North America. We recently wrote a white paper and in it, we explore some of LightRiver’s findings and methodology from our interop lab proof of concept testing, multi-vendor automation, and large-scale deployments. We also take a look at ways to overcome challenges to open optical for greenfield deployments with the latest open line systems, as well as brownfield applications with legacy line systems that are already in production.

Network Disaggregation, and its desired outcomes, can be achieved with the correct Network Methodology, Engineering Optimization and Automation Framework. Learn how to unlock the benefits of Open Optical Transport Networks in our latest white paper: Open Optical Transport Networks – A Framework to Success.

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