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Curious about one of the leading companies in the field of optical communications technology? Well, here’s an inside look into the world of LightRiver! LightRiver and our team members are known for our commitment to innovation and dedication to providing solutions that meet the needs of customers in this ever-changing industry. But let’s take a closer look at what makes LightRiver stand out in the global communications sector.

LightRiver’s Reach Spans The Globe: Fun fact – LightRiver has personnel in 16 out of 50 states across America. And with more than 120 team members both in the US and the UK, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions no matter where our customers are located.

Highly Qualified Employees: 67% of our team holds technical degrees, making them highly qualified to handle any kind of project or request that comes their way. This expertise ensures that each customer will receive solutions tailored to their specific needs with unsurpassed accuracy and quality workmanship.

Decades of Experience: This year, LightRiver celebrates its 25th anniversary! Since 1998, we have been proudly serving customers around the world, providing innovative optical networking solutions on par with today’s most advanced technologies.

Expansion Through Acquisition: In 2017, LightRiver acquired netFLEX Technologies Inc., expanding our reach even further into network engineering services such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). This acquisition strengthened our ability to provide top-notch services for clients in need of cutting-edge solutions in an ever-evolving landscape of communications and technology solutions providers.

Award Winning Team: Our dedication to excellence has not only set us apart as the premier provider of next-generation, multi-vendor network solutions, but it has also earned us a plethora of prestigious accolades throughout the years. Most recently in 2022, we were honored with the coveted Pipeline Innovation Awards’ “Editor’s Choice” and Lightwave Innovation Reviews Award. These latest victories undoubtedly reflect our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. To learn more about our numerous recognitions, we invite you to visit our awards page here.

As you can see, LightRiver is truly a leader amongst communications and technology providers across the world thanks to its commitment to providing cutting edge solutions backed by years of experience and highly qualified personnel who always strive for excellence in every project we undertake! If you are looking for reliable services tailored specifically to your needs, look no further than LightRiver — we have exactly what it takes!

Interested in how LightRiver can help? Contact us to learn more. And be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up with all things LightRiver!

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